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From buying to producing (transitioning to open access)

The next post in my Transitioning to Open Access, From Buying to 
Producing, can be found in the Imaginary Journal of Poetic 

One thought which Liblicense readers might appreciate: more and 
more funding agencies are requiring open access to the results of 
research they fund, and many are contributing to processing fees 
for open access.  More and more traditional publishers are 
providing the option of paying for open access.

Publishers, why not plan for success, and lower subscription fees 
NOW, in anticipation of this new revenue stream?  If libraries 
had relief from ever-increasing subscription fees, it would be so 
much easier to provide support for open access.

My hypothesis is that this approach - reducing fees in 
anticipation of open access processing fees revenue - will be 
most effective when combined with library or consortial-specific 
incentives.  For details, see my blogpost at: 

Heather G. Morrison