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Wiley and the Royal Meteorological Society Expand Publishing Partnership


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Sarah Fewster

Wiley and the Royal Meteorological Society Expand Publishing Partnership

Chichester, U.K., August 17, 2006 - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 
announced a publishing agreement with the Royal Meteorological 
Society (RMetS), a leading professional and learned society in 
the field of meteorology, to publish all five of its journals. 
This agreement expands an established relationship for Wiley to 
publish the RMetS journals International Journal of Climatology 
and Atmospheric Science Letters. Wiley will now publish The 
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 
Meteorological Applications, and Weather. With this agreement, 
Wiley becomes the exclusive publisher of all the RMetS journals.

"RMetS is one of the leading global organizations supporting and 
disseminating research in the meteorological sciences to a broad 
range of users. We have always valued our relationship with the 
Society and are delighted to now be selected as their exclusive 
publisher. This important partnership will further extend Wiley's 
presence in this vital area of research activity," said Dr. 
Michael Davis, Vice President and Publishing Director, STM.

Wiley and the RMetS have worked together since 1980, when they 
launched the International Journal of Climatology, "For over 25 
years, Wiley has been one of our partners in delivering the 
latest meteorological information and research to our members and 
readers," said Dr. Richard Pettifer, Executive Director, RMetS. 
"We are pleased to extend this successful relationship, 
establishing Wiley as our sole publishing partner for all of our 
journals and bringing them into a single portfolio."

RMetS journals attract a wide range of readers, from interested 
amateurs, through operational meteorologists to professional 
researchers. The flagship publication, The Quarterly Journal of 
the Royal Meteorological Society, is regarded as one of the 
world's leading meteorological journals, offering original 
research in the atmospheric sciences, applied meteorology and 
physical oceanography. Meteorological Applications includes 
papers, reports and reviews on all aspects of meteorological 
science for applied meteorologists, forecasters and users of 
meteorological services. Written for a wide range of readers, 
Weather offers articles of general interest to professional 
meteorologists, as well as individuals with a general interest in