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2006-2007 IPA Online Workshop Series from the CIP

The Center for Intellectual Property at University of Maryland 
University College would like to announce this nonprofit, 
educational workshop series for interested educators, librarians, 
administrators, and attorneys. We would greatly appreciate your 
posting the message below to your listserv or promoting this 
opportunity within your networks. Thank you.

[Please excuse the inevitable duplication of this notice.]


2006-2007 Intellectual Property in Academia Online Workshop 

The Center for Intellectual Property at University of Maryland 
University College is pleased to host its annual asynchronous 
online workshop series for faculty, university counsel, 
librarians, instructional design and information professionals.

This year's exciting lineup includes three outstanding workshops:

E-Reserves and Copyright
October 2-October 18, 2006
Moderator: Laura (Lolly) Gasaway, M.L.S., J.D. Laura Gasaway is 
professor of law and director, Law Library, University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill.

 	***The "E-Reserves and Copyright" workshop is being re-offered
 	   due to the high demand for the workshop in 2005.
 	   Register TODAY for this popular program!***

 	Workshop Goals:

--Learn about the background and history of reserve collections
and how it relates to fair use;
--Discuss the purpose and legal basis for e-reserves;
--Evaluate the views and concerns of involved parties;
--Consider some of the technical aspects;
--Review various guidelines for e-reserves and classroom use;
--Explore some of the elements necessary for developing a policy
for e-reserves;
--Discuss coursepacks, e-reserves, and materials posted by
faculty on course management software;
--Consider the unique issues surrounding audio and video
recordings as part of e-reserves.

Copyright Education Programs
November 6-November 17, 2006
Moderators: Carrie Russell, M.L.I.S., and Olga Francois, M.L.I.S.
Carrie Russell is copyright specialist, Office for Information
Technology Policy, American Library Association.
Olga Francois is assistant director, Center for Intellectual
Property, University of Maryland University College.

DRM Technologies
January 22-February 2, 2007
Moderators: Kimberly Kelley, M.L.S., Ph.D., and by Bill Rosenblatt, M.S.
Kimberly Kelley is Associate Provost, Information and Library
Services, and Dean, Academic Resources and Services, University of
Maryland University College.
Bill Rosenblatt is founder of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies,
a management consultancy focused on the content industries and whose
primary clients are media companies and digital media technology

 	***This workshop resumes where the CIP's previous "Digital
Rights Management (DRM)
 	in Higher Education" workshop (January/February 2006)

WORKSHOP FORMAT: Each online workshop will last approximately two 
weeks, providing the participants with an in-depth understanding 
of core intellectual property issues facing higher education. 
They will include course readings, chats and online discussions. 
Participants will receive daily response and feedback from the 
workshop moderators. Please visit the web site for all course 
objectives: http://www.umuc.edu/cip/ipa/workshops.html

    Register early since space is limited and in order to get the best
discounts.  Early registration is just $125 each (regularly $150 each);
two workshops $250; three workshops $350.
    A significant discount is given for full time graduate students until
places are filled; please consult the website for details.
    To register online, visit
    For additional information call 240-582-2965 or visit our web site at

--Jack Boeve
Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College
Visit us online at http://www.umuc.edu/cip