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now publishers 2007 pricing for foundations and trends

For Immediate Release
Boston MA, August 14, 2006
Contact: Zachary Rolnik zac.rolnik@nowpublishers.com
Tel: +1-781-871-0245

2007 Prices and New Journals Announced

now publishers announces its new prices for 2007 and price
increases are limited to no more than 5% for its individual=
journal titles. In addition, now publishers is increasing the
discount for the complete suite of Foundation and Trends
reference journals to 20%. This follows no price increase for
2005 and 2006. Complete price information and licensing
conditions can be found at www.nowpublishers.com/pricelist

Mike Casey, COO at now publishers, commented, "After 2 years of
no price increases, our 2007 increases have been limited to the
absolute minimum to cover the inflationary increase in costs over
this time period. We retain our stated policy of not using price
increases to grow our business and remain committed to providing
our customers with a high-quality, transparently priced product."

Continuing to build in the areas of business and technology, now
publishers announce three new Foundations and Trends=AE reference
journals. New for 2007 are:

* Foundations and Trends=AE in Databases edited by Joseph
Hellerstein (UC Berkeley)

* Foundations and Trends=AE in Economic Growth edited by Oded Galor
(Brown and Hebrew University)

* Foundations and Trends=AE in Signal Processing edited by Robert
Gray (Stanford)

In addition, now publishers will launch the International Review
of Environmental and Resource Economics edited by Henk Folmer,
Wageningen University, and Tom Teitenberg, Colby College. This is
a migration of the International Yearbook of Environmental and
Resource Economics published by Edward Elgar Publishing in print
to a serial format available both online and in print.

About now publishers

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policy, and provides librarians with value for money. now is
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