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Dissect Medicine - Collaborative Medical News Website

Readers of the list may be interested in this announcement about 
Dissect Medicine (www.dissectmedicine.com), a new free 
collaborative medical news website from Macmillan Medical 

Launched in June 2006, Dissect Medicine is a collaborative 
medical news website, which indexes and ranks international 
medical news. It spans general interest articles to basic 
research and is the first of its kind.

Dissect Medicine users submit news items for review with tags and 
keywords. These are then ranked by the user group. This ensures 
that only the most relevant and influential articles are 
displayed as headline stories.  Users are required to register 
online in order to participate, but the service is completely 

The Dissect Medicine website has been designed to appeal to a 
broad spectrum of the medical community, including clinicians, 
healthcare professionals, medical students as well as the general 
public. Hundreds of news items on topics related to diseases, 
clinical practice and biomedical research are indexed on Dissect 
Medicine and the site already has a dedicated and growing 

Multiple language editions of Dissect Medicine are being 
developed in languages including Japanese, German and Spanish. 
These will be launching in the coming months.

For more information:

To learn more about Dissect Medicine please visit 
<http://www.dissectmedicine.com/> , or contact Jennifer Nikodem 
at j.nikodem@macmillan.co.uk.

Macmillan Medical Communications is a division of Macmillan Publishers
Ltd, and is a strategic medical communications agency that provides
customized products and services for partners in the pharmaceutical,
healthcare, and biotechnology industries. MMC's bespoke packages target
the specific needs of its partners' audiences and communities. It uses
the full range of communication and publishing strategies to develop
high impact campaigns and services including novel internet-based

Jennifer Nikodem
Project Manager
Macmillan Publishers
4 Crinan Street
London N1 9XW