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Transitioning to open access

I've started a series called "Transitioning to open access" on my 
blog.  The idea is to examine some of the implications of the 
growing trend toward open access for libraries and publishers, 
and make some suggestions to ease the transition for everyone 

The first post in this series looks at this prediction 

Prediction (hypothesis): Journals with strong support for open 
access, high quality and no or reasonable processing fees will 
see increasing article submissions. Strong support for open 
access could mean either open access publishing, or very 
friendly, easy to find, understand and follow self-archiving 

In brief, my conclusion is that strong support for open access by 
journals and publishers is a good business decision, and one that 
libraries are well advised to support.

For details, see:  http://tinyurl.com/maqpa

Heather G. Morrison