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Re: University presses?

Vanderbilt's Press is not separate from the University, and occasionally they do publish items that are in the best interest of the University, even though they may be money losers for the press.

Gherman, Paul M
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Vanderbilt University
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--On Monday, August 07, 2006 7:59 AM -0400 Richard Feinman
<RFeinman@downstate.edu> wrote:

When I recently tried to seek publisher for conference
proceedings I found that the few University Presses I spoke to
were, in fact, separate and distinct from the eponymous
university. In particular, the SUNY Press did not have any sense
that helping a SUNY project was part of their mission.

I did not look into this but is this generally true? Are most
university presses now separate from the university? Richard Feinman

"Joseph Esposito" <espositoj@gmail.com>
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Re: GWLA letter

It should be noted that universities do not need to create,
because they already have, "university-based, stable,
long-lasting, low-cost alternatives . . . that challenge the
current barrier to dissemination of knowledge." They are called
university presses. I may be alone in this, but I found it
grimly ironic that many universities are calling for a new regime
in scholarly communications even as they systematically starve
their presses to death.

Joe Esposito