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Change to Blackwell journals on IngentaConnect from January 2007

Please be informed that from January 1st 2007, the full text of 
articles in Blackwell Publishing journals will no longer be 
hosted on IngentaConnect.  Libraries wishing to continue to 
provide online access to these journals should activate their 
access on Blackwell Synergy (http://www.blackwell-synergy.com). 
IngentaConnect will continue to host the metadata for Blackwell 
Publishing journals (including the tables of contents and 
abstracts) but users wishing to access the full text (in PDF or 
HTML format) will be directed to Blackwell Synergy where their 
access rights will be validated.  Users whose access is not 
validated by Blackwell Synergy will be offered the option to buy 
'pay per view' access on IngentaConnect.

Philippa Scoones, Web Publishing Director at Blackwell 
Publishing, described the move as an extension of the partnership 
between Ingenta and Blackwell.  "We have worked closely with 
Ingenta for almost ten years and they have successfully provided 
access to our journals online to a good number of library 
customers.  As we develop our own online journals platform, 
Blackwell Synergy, to be the primary source for searching and 
linking to Blackwell content, we want to be sure that all our 
customers benefit by linking through to the full text on 

- What Library Administrators Need to Do -

Customers who have not yet activated their account on Blackwell 
Synergy should do so before the end of December 2006 in order to 
ensure a seamless transition with no loss of access for you or 
your users.  If you have not yet received activation 
instructions, please send an email directly to 
Dean.Martin@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com providing the following 

*	Your name and email address
*	Your institution's name and addresses of all the main sites
 	covered by your library
*	Your Blackwell Customer ID(s), if you know them
*	List of the Blackwell journals you have a subscription to

We will then send you detailed instructions for activating and 
administering your institutional access to subscribed to journals 
via Blackwell Synergy.  You should find these instructions easy 
to follow, but if not, our customer service team will be 
available to help with this transition.  Please email 
Dean.Martin@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com directly, or call your 
nearest Blackwell office: +44 (0) 1865 778315 UK, +65 6511 8000 
Singapore, and 1-800-835-6770 or 1-781-388-8200 for customers in 
the Americas.

You do not need to change your links for Blackwell Publishing 
journals from IngentaConnect to Blackwell Synergy, although you 
may find it preferable to do so.  You will find more information 
about our OpenURL resolver here: 

- About Online Journals from Blackwell Publishing -

All institutional subscriptions to Blackwell Publishing journals 
include an element of online access.  For the first time in 2007, 
standard print subscriptions will include online access to the 
current and two previous years' content, increased from the one 
year previously offered.  Premium subscriptions include print 
plus online access to current content, content dating back to 
January 1st 1997, and OnlineEarly articles published online 
before print.  Online Only subscriptions include the same access 
rights as Premium.  Both Premium and Online Only subscriptions 
include archival rights to paid-for content.

- What Online Access via Blackwell Synergy Offers -

Libraries which provide online access to Blackwell journals 
through Blackwell Synergy (http://www.blackwell-synergy.com) are 
offering the optimum service for their patrons.  For example, 
OnlineEarly content (now available for 250 journals) is only 
provided on Blackwell Synergy. Your users will also have access 
to a highly linked feature-rich research environment where the 
articles are available in both full-text HTML as well as PDF 
versions, rather than just the PDF available on other platforms. 
In addition it is only on Blackwell Synergy that your users will 
be able to access Online Open author-pays articles as they are 

Blackwell Synergy will relaunch with a new look at the beginning of
2007.  More information will follow.

* Blackwell Synergy features for researchers:

*	Customized homepage with favorite journals and articles
*	CrossRef linking taking readers immediately to cited articles in
 	other publishers' journals using DOIs
*	Links taking readers to and from abstracts in ISI Web of Science
 	and other abstracting and indexing databases:  Blackwell
 	has electronic links with over 200 A+I databases
*	Forward links to articles that cite the article being read, not
 	just in Synergy but in other publishers' journals via CrossRef
*	Links within articles (e.g. from text citation to reference
 	lists, figures, and tables)
*	Search: Searching options include a simple search, advanced
 	search, article-level search, CrossRef searches and Saved Search.
*	Email alerts: tables of contents, research alerts for new
 	articles matching user's search criteria, citation alerts, and
 	OnlineEarly alerts
*	All types of alerts are also available as RSS or Atom newsfeeds
 	without the need to register on Synergy.
*	Article references downloadable into reference management
 	software including EndNote, BibTex, ProCite, Reference
 	Manager and RefWorks
*	Ability to purchase individual articles using pay-per-view if
 	the user's library does not subscribe

* Blackwell Synergy features for librarians:

*	Daily updated COUNTER-compliant usage data, available in .txt,
 	.htm, and XML formats
*	Self-service IP and remote username and password administration
*	Single sign-on Athens access
*	Easy OPAC integration with a downloadable SFX-compatible
 	holdings file and permanent urls at journal and article levels
*	Marc21 records available to download
*	OpenURL linking supported
*	Upload the library's logo to appear on every page of the site
*	Z39.50 compliance

To keep up-to-date on the latest developments with Blackwell 
Synergy and the journals from Blackwell Publishing, please sign 
up for our regular Librarians' Newsletter by visiting: 

We will be sending further reminders about this change over the 
next few months.  If you have any questions, please email me 
directly on Emily.Gillingham@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com

Best wishes,

Emily Gillingham
Library Marketing and Communications Manager
Blackwell Publishing
9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK
Tel: +44 1865 476425
Fax: +44 1865 471425
Email: emily.gillingham@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com
For online journals, visit www.blackwell-synergy.com
For more information, visit www.blackwellpublishing.com/librarians