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Re: GWLA letter

It should be noted that universities do not need to create, 
because they already have, "university-based, stable, 
long-lasting, low-cost alternatives . . . that challenge the 
current barrier to dissemination of knowledge." They are called 
university presses.  I may be alone in this, but I found it 
grimly ironic that many universities are calling for a new regime 
in scholarly communications even as they systematically starve 
their presses to death.

Joe Esposito

On 8/3/06, Brian Simboli <brs4@lehigh.edu> wrote:

>From one standpoint, the recent GWLA letter is - perhaps - a step
> in the right direction. It is indeed good to see provosts aware
> of the issues in publishing.
>From another, it's just one more instance of the usual rhetoric
> about the need for open access. The worry here is that this
> rhetoric might divert academic administrative attention from
> creating university-based, stable, long-lasting, low-cost
> alternatives (whether OA or not) that challenge the current
> barrier to dissemination of knowledge, viz., high pricing.
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