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An update on Project Transfer and an invitation to participate

**With apologies for cross-posting**

Mailed on behalf of the UKSG (<http://www.uksg.org> )

Project Transfer, the industry-wide group set up to improve the 
procedures and policies surrounding the transfer of journals is 
pleased to launch its new website: www.projecttransfer.org

The website will be regularly updated with news of the 
committee's activities, members' details and projects to date. 
Transfer are also inviting representatives from the library, 
publisher and agent/intermediary world to contribute on its 
soon-to-be formed advisory boards.  The advisory boards will be 
instrumental in reviewing any standards and guidelines proposed 
by the main committee.  If you are interested in becoming an 
advisory board member, please email Nancy Buckley 

Nancy Buckley
Chair, Project Transfer