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Licensing & related sessions at NASIG conference in May

The upcoming NASIG conference program is packed full of sessions 
about licensing and related issues. Two preconferences, in 
particular, will be of interest to subscribers of LibLicense-L. 
Full descriptions appear below. Topics of more sessions during 
the conference itself include:

    -- licensing from the perspectives of libraries, small
       and society publishers, and large commercial
    -- open access
    -- openURLS
    -- ERMs
    -- pricing issues for electronic and print serials
    -- workflow for managing electronic resources
    -- pros and cons of 'Big Deals.'

For details about registration, ways to save on registration, 
hotel, and travel costs, and the full conference program, see the 
conference website at:

NOTE: Early registration ends Apr. 11. Save on registration by 
registering by then, and save even more by joining NASIG first.

NOTE: The conference hotel does not have any rooms available on 
May 2-3, but rooms are available at a hotel 3 blocks away, at the 
same low room rate. See the conference website for more 


NASIG Preconference
May 4, 2006
8:00 a.m.-noon
Denver Marriott City Center
Denver, CO

Serials specialists are dealing with the tensions of an imbalance 
in the scholarly communication process created by increasing 
scholarly output and the decreasing ability of libraries to 
provide access to that output due to inflating journal costs. 
Institutional repositories have been promoted as one strategy for 
redefining and balancing the scholarly communication model. The 
University of Oregon Libraries have been exploring an 
institutional repository approach since April 2003. This 
pre-conference is a hands on session on the rationale for 
establishing an institutional repository that will cover 
technical, resource, policy and marketing issues involved in 
establishing an institutional repository. We will also discuss 
the challenges and opportunities that repositories face and 
examine the efficacy of repositories for changing the nature of 
scholarly communication.


Carol Hixson
Head of Metadata & Digital Library Services
University of Oregon



NASIG Preconference
May 4, 2006
8:00 a.m.-noon
Denver Marriott City Center
Denver, CO

Building on the successful ARL/DLF pre-conference workshop at the 
ALA annual conference in June 2005, this workshop will take an 
in-depth look at the ERMI data elements, subset for Terms of Use 
(course packs, etc.).  The workshop will explore issues and 
provide participants hands-on practice for analyzing licenses and 
summarizing key points for their Electronic Resource Management 
systems. Target audience:  librarians, publishers, vendors with 
substantial experience in license issues.  Most useful for 
librarians whose libraries have an ERM system


Tim Jewell
Director of Information Resources, Collections, and
    Scholarly Communication
University of Washington in Seattle

Trisha Davis
Associate Professor and Head
Serials and Electronic Resources Department
The Ohio State University Libraries

Diane Grover
Electronic Resources Coordinator
University of Washington Libraries

Steve Savage
Past President/Publicist