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New from Now Publishers -- The Quarterly Journal of Political Scie=

News Release
March 27, 2006


The Quarterly Journal of Political Science
Print ISSN 1554-0626; Electronic ISSN 1554-0634

Keith Krehbiel (Stanford University) and Nolan McCarty (Princeton

David Austen-Smith (Northwestern University)
Alan Gerber (Yale University)
John Huber (Columbia University)
Helen Milner (Princeton University)

Now Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of Volume
1, Issue 1 of the QJPS, which is available free online for your
inspection at www.qjps.com.  Keith Krehbiel, Editor-in-Chief,
stated "less than a year ago, we announced the formation of the
Quarterly Journal of Political Science. The response was
immediate, enthusiastic, and positive."

The QJPS publishes the highest quality manuscripts in positive
political science and contemporary political economy. The
substantive content of the journal is broad and eclectic,
including cutting-edge research on any aspect of private, local,
national, comparative, or international politics. The
methodological approach is analytical, focusing on positive
political theories, empirical tests of those theories, and the
measurement of causal relationships.

Volume 1, Number 1 (2006)

"Federalism and Incentives for Success" by Roger B. Myerson

"Polls and Pounds: Public Opinion and Exchange Rate Behavior in Britain" by
  William Bernhard and David Leblang

"A General Bargaining Model of Legislative Policy-making" by Jeffrey S.
  Banks and John Duggan

"Path Dependence" by Scott Page

Forthcoming articles

"Party and Incumbency in Voting: Are They Substitutes?" by Stephen
  Ansolabehere, Shigeo Hirano, James M. Snyder, and Michiko Ueda

"Satisficing and Selection in Electoral Competition" by J Bendor, D
  Mookherjee, and D Ray

"Whose Ear to Bend? Information Sources and Venue Choice in Policymaking" b=
  Frederick J. Boemke, Sean Gailmard, and John Wiggs Patty

"Context-Dependent Voting" by Steven Callander and Catherine H. Wilson
"The Orientation of Newspaper Endorsements in US Elections, 1940-2002" by
  Stephen Ansolabehere, Rebecca Lessem, James M. Snyder, Jr.

For more information go to our web site at www.qjps.com or please email:

Zac Rolnik
now -- the essence of knowledge
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Hanover, MA 02339 USA
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