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RE: Legal Deposit Libraries Act

Because we are a "United Kingdom" (not to mention old and
occasionally strange) we have six copyright libraries, one of
which is actually not in the UK at all but in a foreign capital.
In addition to the British Library there are the National
Libraries of Scotland and Wales, the Universities of Oxford and
Cambridge and (proving it is even yet not beyond the pale)
Trinity College, Dublin.

The five libraries outside London do not necessarily take copies
of everything publishing in the UK, although the Act entitles
them to.  You might search Bodley's Library in vain for a copy of
"Their eyes met across the glen" or "Space monsters from
Arcturus".  On the other hand, I seem to remember that when the
Irish government maintained a banned book list (which included
works by Hemingway and Dumas as well as the more obvious Joyce
and Lawrence) copyright deposit went on unaffected.  Funny
places, national libraries.


Tony McSeán
Director of Library Relations
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