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RE: Legal Deposit Libraries Act

Nigel Newton is describing UK law.  Any book, serial or other 
publication has to be deposited with the British Library.  In 
addition, copies must be deposited on request by the Agency for 
the Legal Deposit Libraries with five other libraries: Bodleian 
Library Oxford, University Library Cambridge, National Library of 
Scotland, National Library of Wales and (yes, it's in another 
country but the legislation pre-dates the creation of an 
independent Ireland in 1922) Trinity College Dublin.

The US also has a legal deposit law that requires the deposit of 
two copies of any new publication with the Library of Congress. 
LoC claims copies from UK publishers where their UK-originated 
publications are distributed in the USA - not a US edition, but 
as the original edition.  We Brits have no monopoly on Ruritania.


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