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Cambridge University Press Journals now compliant with COUNTER 2

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3rd March 2006, Cambridge, England, UK & New York, USA

Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce that 
Cambridge Journals Usage Reporting is compliant with Release 2 of 
the COUNTER standard.

COUNTER is an international initiative that provides standardized 
guidelines for the measurement, creation and distribution of 
online usage reports to institutional subscribers. COUNTER 
Release 2 is the latest version.

More developments from Cambridge University Press Journals

Cambridge Journals are hosted on Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). CJO is:
AAA / AA compliant
Fully ATHENS compliant
OAI PMH compatible
Open URL enabled
Able to provide RSS feeds and Alerts

Since the launch of the updated CJO in August 2005, the site has 
regularly achieved 99.7% uptime. This phenomenal performance is 
proof of the effectiveness of cutting-edge multiple server 

CJO currently includes:
2 million sessions per month
450,000 full text downloads per month

CJO hosts 198 high quality peer-reviewed titles for Cambridge 
University Press covering 18 subject areas:

African Studies, Agriculture, American Studies, Archaeology and 
Anthropology, Architecture, Area Studies, Asian Studies, 
Biomedical Science, Cell Biology, Computer Science, Earth and 
Atmospheric Science, Ecology and Conservation, Economics, 
Engineering, European Studies, History, History and Philosophy of 
Science, Language and Linguistics, Law, Literature, Mathematics, 
Medical Policy, Medicine, Music, Philosophy, Physical Science, 
Plant Science, Politics and International Relations, Psychology 
and Psychiatry, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Theatre 

Within these subjects Cambridge University Press publishes some 
of the world's leading journals including: American Political 
Science Review, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Biological 
Reviews, British Journal of Political Science, The China 
Quarterly, International Organization, Journal of Biosocial 
Science, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Parasitology, Quarterly 
Review of Biophysics

The combination of sophisticated technology, leading titles and a 
range of subject areas makes CJO a superb resource for 
researchers worldwide. To experience CJO please go to 

Further information and links:


Launched in March 2002, COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of 
Networked E lectronic Resources) is an international initiative 
designed to serve librarians, publishers and intermediaries by 
facilitating the recording and exchange of online usage 

The COUNTER Code of Practice

COUNTER has been developed to provide a set of international, 
extendible Codes of Practice that allows the usage of online 
information products and services to be measured in a credible, 
consistent and compatible way using vendor-generated data. The 
COUNTER Codes of Practice for Journals and Databases specifies 
exact parameters including: the data to be measured, usage report 
content, format, frequency and methods of delivery. Release 2 of 
the COUNTER Code of Practice for Journals and Databases has been 
developed with input from vendors, librarians and intermediaries.

COUNTER brings new benefits to librarians, publishers and 
intermediaries: Librarians will be able to: compare usage 
statistics from different vendors; make better-informed 
purchasing decisions; plan infrastructure more effectively.

Publishers and intermediaries will be able to: provide data to 
customers in a format they want; compare the relative usage of 
different delivery channels; aggregate data for a customer that 
is using multiple delivery channels, learn more about genuine 
usage patterns. For more information please go to: 

About Cambridge University Press Journals

Cambridge University Press publishes nearly 200 peer-reviewed 
academic journals across a wide spread of subject areas, in print 
and online. Many of these journals are the leading academic 
publications in their fields and together they form one of the 
most valuable and comprehensive bodies of research available 
today. For Cambridge University Press journals please go to: 

About Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is the publishing division of the 
University of Cambridge, one of the world's leading research 
institutions and winner of 80 Nobel Prizes. Cambridge University 
Press is committed by its charter to disseminate knowledge as 
widely as possible across the globe. It publishes nearly 200 
journals and over 2,500 books a year for distribution in more 
than 200 countries. For Cambridge University Press please go to: 

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