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Announcing 3 inspiring new online journals for the humanities

- History Compass - Literature Compass - Philosophy Compass -
* Inspiring new online reviews journals for the humanities *

Blackwell Publishing is amongst the world's leading publishers in=20
the humanities and social sciences.  With more than 380 journals=20
in these disciplines, 250 new books a year in the area, and=20
partnerships with 300 international scholarly societies in=20
related subjects, Blackwell is in the very best position to=20
launch a series of inspiring new online reviews journals for the=20

Three Compass journals are now available; History Compass,=20
Literature Compass, and Philosophy Compass.  Each Compass journal=20
publishes 100 lively, authoritative, peer-reviewed survey=20
articles from across their entire discipline.  They are aimed at=20
experienced researchers, teaching faculty, and students looking=20
for succinct and accessible articles that provide overviews of=20
current research in their area as well as fresh thinking on key=20
issues.  They are also ideal starting points for anyone who needs=20
a quick entry into a new field of research, such as Romanticists=20
seeking reviews of Shakespeare, or American historians looking=20
for overviews of relevant work in European history.

"An immensely valuable resource for teaching and learning,=20
History Compass is the only scholarly publication where=20
historians and students can find such a large and varied amount=20
of high-quality historiography." David Bates, Director of the=20
Institute of Historical Research

For information about all the Compass journals, live and=20
forthcoming, visit http://www.blackwell-compass.com

Subscribing to the Compass Journals:

* Each Compass journal publishes 100 survey articles per year
   creating a constantly growing archive of articles.

* Fast, continuous publication, with articles typically available
   8 weeks from receipt of the final, peer-reviewed version.

* International Editorial Board comprises leading specialists in
   their fields.

* Access to the review articles is provided on Blackwell Synergy,
   with COUNTER-compliant usage data as well as multiple
   authentication routes (IP, Athens, remote username, Trusted
   Proxy Server) and easy online catalog integration (metadata,
   OpenURL, Marc records, SFX).

* Each Compass also has its own well-designed web portal.

* Subscriptions run for a full year from the time the
   subscription is made.

* History Compass, Literature Compass, and Philosophy Compass can
   each be subscribed to for $695 (Americas) or =C2=A3395 (Rest of
   World) per annum.

* The cost for all three Compasses in 2006 is just $1800.

* There is an additional 10% 'Early Bird' discount for all orders=20
placed before June 30th 2006.

If you would like further information about subscribing to the=20
Compass journals please contact your usual Blackwell Publishing=20
Account Manager or email journal.news@blackwellpublishing.com

- More about History Compass -

Editor-in-Chief -  Mark Kishlansky, Harvard University
Online ISSN: 1478-0542
12 month Institutional Subscription: US$695/=C2=A3395

History Compass explores all branches of historical scholarship=20
and spans all centuries and all continents, including the history=20
of the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.=20
Nearly 200 articles are available now and a further 100 papers=20
will be added each year.

To browse through the articles on the site, visit: http://www.history-compa=

- More about Literature Compass -

Editor-in-Chief -- Peter Brown, University of Kent
Online ISSN: 1741-4113
12 month Institutional Subscription: US$695/=C2=A3395

Literature Compass is unique in its range and plays an active=20
role in fostering research that spans genres and periods,=20
including American literature, Shakespeare, Romanticism and 17th,=20
18th, and 20th Century Literature.  Nearly 200 articles are=20
available now and a further 100 will be added each year.

To browse through the articles on the site, visit:=20

- More about Philosophy Compass -

Editor-in-Chief -- Brian Weatherson, Cornell University
Online ISSN: 1747-9991
12 month Institutional Subscription: US$695/=C2=A3395

Philosophy Compass is the newest of the Compass journals,=20
launching in January 2006.  It explores all branches of=20
philosophical enquiry and will play an active role in fostering=20
research that spans aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics,=20
epistemology, and the philosophy of mind, language, religion and=20

To browse through the articles on the site, visit:=20

For more information about the Compass journals, contact=20