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2007 Subscription Rates: Early Renewal Offer...

Dear all:

Hindawi announced its 2007 subscription rates for its 
subscription based journals. The subscription rates are available 
at http://www.hindawi.com/subs2007.html. Please note that there 
is a single worldwide price in USD for the "print plus online" 
for toll access journals and "print plus institutional 
membership" for open access journals.

Current 2006 subscribers are entitled to a 15% discount for all 
2007 orders that are received (or postmarked) with payment on or 
before April 30, 2006. Please contact orders.2007@hindawi.com if 
you need any further information or if you want to place an 
order. You can of course place your order (and receive the 15% 
discount) through you preferred subscription agent. You will need 
to ask your subscription agent to send the order with the payment 
on or before April 30, 2006 to qualify for the discount.

Our online access policy remains as follows: all 2007 subscribers 
receive "perpetual" online access, not only to the 2007 volumes 
and not only to the volumes they paid for, but to all volumes up 
to and including 2007. This translates to "perpetual" online 
access to 30 years of "International Journal of Mathematics and 
Mathematical Sciences" $845.75 (about 4,500 articles and 45,000 
pages), "perpetual" online access to 17 years of "International 
Mathematics Research Notices" for $2,375.75 (about 1,500 articles 
and 30,000 pages), and "perpetual" online access to 7 years of 
"EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing" for $1695.75 
(about 1500 articles and 18,000 pages).

Current 2006 subscribers to the print only edition of any of 
Hindawi's journals are also entitled to "immediate" online access 
for the remaining of 2006 from the date of their 2007 renewal.

Best regards,

Ahmed Hindawi