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Question about open access and print

Consider the following scenario:

You are the organizer of a scholarly conference and you publish 
the individual talks in an open access journal like, say 
Nutrition & Metabolism.  You now want to publish a hard bound 
edition where the individual papers are brought together with 
some connecting copy and introductions to individual articles. 
Although a prospective publisher believes you when you tell them 
that popular books do better when they are available online, they 
are concerned that libraries will not buy a book where the 
content is already available, Since it is a scholarly conference 
and they are an academic publisher, they are more concerned with 
library sales than individual sales.  To what extent are their 
fears justified?  Would members of the list not buy a book for 
their library if content were already online?

Along the same lines, if a journal is published free on line and there is
a charge only for the print edition, to what extent does this affect

Is this a factor in the further evolution of open access?

Regards, RF