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licensing media

I have a question about licensing media such as films and music.

First, I understand that some libraries are renting films through Netflix.  If
anyone on this list is doing that, I'd appreciate knowing the following:

a) what "rights" accompany this license - individual rights within the library,
classroom screening rights, campus screening rights for student organizations
(with or without a 'cover charge'), etc?

b) how do you record the existence of this service bibliographically - in your
catalog, on your library web site, elsewhere, not at all?  Do you include
"rights" in that record?

c) how do you cope with this "subscription" through your central campus
accounting office - via a P.O., through a credit card, in the library
automation system, etc.?

Also, in regards to various films, videos, DVDs, etc., many come with variances
in their rights.  Where do you record such rights for your users and library
staff, if anywhere?

Second, for music, I have the same questions, if anyone is either "renting"
music in some form (via downloads, etc.) or even purchasing downloads.  Rights,
recording, payment are all issues for this type of media as well.

If anyone would like to respond to me independently, I'll be happy to try to
summarize the information for the list.


Aline Soules, Associate University Librarian
California State University, East Bay
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tel. 510-885-4596
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