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Programme, 8. International Bielefeld Conference

- Apologies for cross-posting -

8th International Bielefeld Conference 2006
7 - 9 February 2006 in Bielefeld, Germany

++++ Academic Library and Information Services:
New Paradigms for the Digital Age ++++

The final programme and first abstracts are now available:

The 8th Conference will again feature highly reputated speakers, including the
university librarians from Cornell and Stanford (U.S.) or representatives from
Google and Microsoft. We are especially delighted to welcome Lynne Brindley,
Chief Executive of the British Library, as a keynote speaker.

For the first time the Conference has included a slot for more practical,
hands-on workshops, covering fundamental topics for libraries: Archiving,
Management Tools and Networking of Institutional Repositories.

You are invited to register and keep yourself informed on the conference

On behalf of the Programme Committee
Norbert Lossau

Programme Committee:
Norbert Lossau,
Library Director, CIO Scholarly Information, Bielefeld University
Ronald Milne,
Acting Director, University Library Services and Bodley's
Librarian, UK
Hans Geleijnse,
Director Library / IT-Services, CIO, Tilburg University, The