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Call for Proposals - Electronic Resources & Libraries 2006 Conference


Electronic Resources & Libraries 2006 Conference
March 23 =AD 25, 2006
GA Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Call for Proposals

ER&L Conference Program Planning Committee encourages you to submit a
proposal for the Electronic Resources & Libraries 2006 Conference to be
held on March 23-25, 2006.

The idea of this event is to bring together stakeholders inside and
outside of the library to look at the impact the digital environment has
on library collections, access to resources, and our organizations. We
invite various perspectives and approaches to managing, promoting and
accessing electronic resources.

The overarching theme and mission is creating collaborative,
cross-departmental, cross-community approaches to approaching the issues
e-resources have brought to our environment. Proposals that have topics of
interest to many areas of the library or outside the library are of
special interest to the ER&L Program Planning Committee.

The Program Planning Committee seeks proposals for a variety of session
formats including presentations, panel sessions, debates, workshops, and
roundtable discussions.

Deadlines for proposal submissions is flexible, but those proposals
submitted by January 9, 2006 will get priority.

All Call For Proposal information and proposal form is available at:

Questions about the Call for Proposals should be directed to Bonnie
Tijerina(bonnie.tijerina@library.gatech.edu) or Joan
Conger(joan@joanconger.net). Complete details about the conference are
online at http://www.electroniclibrarian.com/