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Access to Turpion Journals Archive

Please excuse cross-posting.

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce that Turpion Historic Archive dating back to the
first English translation volumes is live now.

The archive includes HTML articles' headers and abstracts searchable by keyword,
including dates, or selecting the portion of the bibliographic record, and
author's name and author's affiliation. Articles are available as fully
searchable PDFs; full metadata including DOI are assigned for each article.
Article level linking structure for the archive is the same as for the current

Title's change history is specified for every journal. Every volume contains
electronic Author's Index and Contents' Index. Our intention was that digitized
version could be regarded as a historic record of a journal, and we did include
all unindexed pages - Editorial Board's announcements, obituaries, errata, etc.

Access to full-text articles is restricted to buyers and subscribers
(www.turpion.org/archive ); TOCs, abstracts, electronic indeces and search
function are accessible by all.

The journals participating in the archive:
Physics-Uspekhi (1958-1995)

Quantum Electronics (1971-1995)

Sbornik Mathematics (1967-1995)

Izvestiya Mathematics (1967-1995)

Russian Mathematical Surveys (1960-1995)

Russian Chemical Reviews (1960-1995)

Your comments regarding archive functionality are highly appreciated.

With best wishes

Lev Malov
Deputy Director General
Turpion-Moscow Ltd
47 Leninsky pr.
Moscow 119991

Tel: +7 095 135 6417
Fax: +7 095 135 8860
E-mail: malov@turpion.ru
URL: http://www.turpion.org