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JAMA & Archives Journals

JAMA & Archives Journals to Depart ProQuest

We wish to inform our colleagues in the library community that the JAMA:
Journal of the American Medical Association and Archives Journals will no
longer be available on the ProQuest platform effective December 31, 2005.  
Two alternative platforms are available: HighWire Press and Ovid.

          The HighWire platform is our official gateway.  HighWire, home
to more than 800 of the world's leading journals, offers a variety of
features important to researchers that were not available through

* Early-release articles, disseminated prior to the print publication
date, provide online-only access to time-sensitive, critical content.

* Online-only content supplements are offered for many articles.

* Free access to cited articles (references) that are in HighWire hosted
journals, plus links to full text via CrossRef or to abstracts in ISI or

* Citations are downloadable to any of several citation managers including
EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite, BibTex, and Medlars formats.

* Collection searches are available in more than a hundred disease and
journal section categories as well as by research or review article.

* Automated alerts can be set up for notification of newly published
content on specific topics.

* PowerPoint slides are easily formatted from article tables, charts, and

* Citing article information is offered from ISI's Web of Science (WoS),
even to institutions that do not license WoS

Ovid Technologies also will continue to provide access to JAMA & Archives.  
Ovid features sophisticated searching capabilities as well as linking to
all LWW titles among more than 900 hosted scientific journals.

For institutional subscriptions to JAMA & Archives Journals:

* In the Americas, please email <mailto:ama-subs@ama-assn.org>

* For the rest of the world, please email <mailto:ama@emd-germany.de>

* Or contact your subscription agent.

* For access via the Ovid platform, contact Ovid Technologies