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Please Register Your Institutional Repository/Archive

       ** apologies for cross-posting **

If your institution has any OAI-compliant Open Access Archives or
Repositories, please register them at: http://archives.eprints.org/

(check first whether it is one of the 516 that are already registered)

Also, please make sure your archive is picked up by
http://celestial.eprints.org/ so its growth in contents can be tracked,
tallied and displayed across time.

Also, if your institution has a self-archiving policy, please register it
(to inspire emulation by others) at:

Here are the current counts, but I am sure there are more archives out
there! It will encourage others to create and fill archives to see how
many there are already, and how they are growing:

    Research Institutional or Departmental	246
    Research Cross-Institution	65
    e-Theses	58	
    e-Journal/Publication	45	
    Demonstration	22	
    Database	11	
    Other		69	
    GNU EPrints	191	
    DSpace	99	
    ETD-db	22	
    OPUS (Open Publications System)	16
    Bepress	13	
    CDSWare	8	
    HAL		5	
    ARNO	3	
    Fedora	1	
    MyCoRe	1	
    EDOC	1	
    Other softwares (various)	156	
Stevan Harnad