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Emerald Librarian Toolkit Now Available

Of possible interest.

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Toolkit To Help Librarians Obtain Best Value And Maximum Use From Their
Emerald Subscriptions

Emerald Group Publishing has launched the =91Emerald Librarian Toolkit, a
series of free guides which will enable librarians to better market the
electronic full text, reviews and abstracts to their faculty and student
user base, to encourage optimum use of services.  The toolkit comprises
modules ranging from training users to monitoring usage and promoting
Emerald within the institution. It is available now, both online
<http://www.emeraldinsight.com/librariantoolkit> and hard copy.

Topics covered by the Librarian Toolkit include:

* Using and Promoting Emerald: Posters, training presentations (which can
be tailored by librarians to their users' requirements), suggested emails
to faculty and users, and step-by-step guides

* Linking: how to create links to full text, embed Emerald search boxes
in websites

* Usage Statistics: easy to set up usage patterns and reporting

* Administration: includes viewing subscriptions and editing user

Toolkit resources comprise a mix of reporting tools, online learning
tools, printed "how-to" leaflets and promotional items, such as posters.  
The mix is designed to support a choice of promotion channels including
induction/training sessions, point-of-use materials and integration of
online resources into student websites and portals.

Carol Robertson, Usage Development Manager, at Emerald explains why the
company has invested in this new initiative, "Encouraging increasing use
of high quality online subscriptions, by both faculty and students, is an
ongoing challenge for academic librarians. At Emerald, we are committed to
working in partnership with our clients to help them ensure that high
quality, peer-reviewed journals are used as fully as possible and we see
the new toolkit as an important contribution to this goal."

The Librarian Toolkit has been designed to help Emerald customers easily
set up usage monitoring reports with outputs including usage numbers and
usage pattern reports.  The usage promotion features in the toolkit will
make it easier for librarians to convince faculty and students of the
value and quality of Emerald resources, and so discourage students from
surfing the web for unqualified information to support their studies.

Emerald is initially issuing printed versions of the toolkit to many
subscribers and further packs will be distributed on account management
visits, through training visits and at conferences.  All materials are
also available online at: <http://www.emeraldinsight.com/librariantoolkit>

Materials are already available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and
Catalan with Greek, Italian, French, Russian, Farsi and Turkish in
production and Japanese and Mandarin to follow shortly.

About Emerald www.emeraldinsight.com/

Emerald Group Publishing Limited is the leading English language publisher
of academic and professional literature in the fields of management and
library & information services and is a globally recognized source of
online management information. Emerald is COUNTER-compliant, meeting the
international code of practice for reports that allow clients to measure
the usage of online information products and services in a more consistent

Emerald publishes over 150 titles such as Management Decision, European
Journal of Marketing, Journal of Documentation, Library Hi Tech, Journal
of Knowledge Management and The TQM Magazine.  Emerald's flagship product,
Emerald Management Xtra, is dedicated to the continued development of
business schools and management departments world-wide.


Gill Crawford, Emerald Group
Publishing Limited, Tel: 01274 777700,
email: gcrawford@emeraldinsight.com