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Re: Advice from Peter

My comments were not directed at any individual or organization.  I am
withdrawing from this listserv.  I refuse to have any further comment on
this issue in any forum -- electronic or otherwise -- due to concerns over
personal legal liability.

Karl Bridges
Associate Professor
Information and Instruction Services
100 Bailey Howe Library
University of Vermont

Peter Banks wrote:

This is my last post on this thread. I am tired of being misinterpreted
as saying that publishers are striving to inhibit discussion among
librarians. I said no such thing. I merely pointed out (an action I now
regret), that anyone--publisher or librarian--is at risk, and exposes the
list serve operator to risk, from discussion pricing and other issues
that might be construed as restraint to trade. I would suggest that the
Yale University legal office weigh in on this--perhaps I am unduly
cautious, but I don't think so.

For a legal analysis, see
For model list serve rules from a well-known attorney, see

Peter Banks
Acting Vice President for Publications/Publisher
American Diabetes Association
Email: pbanks@diabetes.org