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Re: Response from Ted Bergstrom to Ann Okerson

I don't see it as a conspiracy.  I just wonder why an activity is
proscribed in one forum, but allowed in another?  Personally, I don't have
a great problem with publishers.  Either you can afford what the market
price for a product is or you can't.  It's called capitalism.

Quoting Peter Banks <pbanks@diabetes.org>:

> Please don't make this into a publisher conspiracy.
> I was making the point for the sake of participants in this list 
> serve--and Ann especially, whose neck is on the line. You should not 
> discuss pricing on any listserve, on any subject. If you doubt me, 
> ask your attorney.
> What happens in private conversations at meetings is your business.
> Peter Banks
> Acting Vice President for Publications/Publisher
> American Diabetes Association
> Email: pbanks@diabetes.org
>>>> Karl Bridges <Karl.Bridges@uvm.edu> 11/10/05 5:18 AM >>>
> I guess this leads to my next question. If it's a problem to discuss
> this in a listserv why are people doing it at conferences and why, if
> that happened, did not the publishers in the room complain about it?