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Re: Question about regaining copyright from a publisher

The chances are that the Springer copyright/release will be professional,
sufficient and adequate in so far as his ability to sell the second
edition to another publisher. At the point that the second publisher asks
to see the assignment/ release - if they do not deem it to be adequate and
need different language - chances are Springer will cooperate at no
additonal cost. Or - he can spend money on lawyering the release now.

Dick Gottlieb

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Subject: Question about regaining copyright from a publisher

I'm hoping that this question isn't too far off topic, and that some of
the more copyright savvy can offer advice. A faculty member at my
university had an undergrad textbook published six years ago by a
subsidiary of Springer-Verlag. The publisher has decided not to issue a
second edition, and they have offered (by email) to transfer copyright
rights back to him. He is asking about language that could be used to
convey that transfer clearly so that he could update and republish
elsewhere. I did find a few things (at U Texas) that looked like good
boilerplate, but is it the case that he actually needs legal advice, or
is it just enough to get a clear statement in writing? Thanks for any
suggestions you may have,

Carole Pilkinton
Electronic Resources Librarian
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame IN 46556