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Re: Response from Ted Bergstrom to Ann Okerson

Please don't make this into a publisher conspiracy.

I was making the point for the sake of participants in this list
serve--and Ann especially, whose neck is on the line. You should not
discuss pricing on any listserve, on any subject. If you doubt me, ask
your attorney.

What happens in private conversations at meetings is your business. 

Peter Banks
Acting Vice President for Publications/Publisher
American Diabetes Association
Email: pbanks@diabetes.org

>>> Karl Bridges <Karl.Bridges@uvm.edu> 11/10/05 5:18 AM >>>

I guess this leads to my next question. If it's a problem to discuss this
in a listserv why are people doing it at conferences and why, if that
happened, did not the publishers in the room complain about it?

Quoting Peter Banks <pbanks@diabetes.org>:

> It definitely is potential restraint of trade--and dicussion of 
> pricing on this, or any, list-serve, would be very unwise (most 
> moderators slap the hands of those who even hint at discussion of 
> pricing).
> Peter Banks
> American Diabetes Association
> Email: pbanks@diabetes.org