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National Archive Publishing, Inc.

For more information about the recent announcement from ProQuest, please
see the item below:


ProQuest investors and executive buy units to form new business - 03 Nov 

A group of investors and executives from ProQuest Co., US, have acquired
three existing business operations from ProQuest Information and Learning
to form a new company called National Archive Publishing Co. (NAPC). The
businesses acquired include UMI Periodicals in Microform, which produces
microfilms of over 18,000 periodicals for libraries and universities;  
XanEdu, which brings out college course packets; and ProQuest's microfilm
manufacturing and digitising services.

NAPC will continue to provide the existing services, which includes
digitising books and other reference works. The company is led by
publishing executives experienced in the domains of library and higher
education. The deal was led by Dan Arbour, former vice president of North
American sales for ProQuest Information and Learning.

Under the deal, 350 ProQuest employees of the respective divisions will 
become workers of NAPC. ProQuest will continue to work as publisher of the 
materials, maintaining the copyrights. NAPC has also acquired ProQuest's 
corporate headquarters at the Scio Township as part of the sale. ProQuest 
operations at Wooster (Ohio), Louisville (Kentucky) and Boston, which 
together employ not more than 100 people, will also be taken over by NAPC. 
Financial details of the sale were not disclosed.

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