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Re: The latest Open Access news from Oxford Journals

OUP and other publishers can give their open access trials a greater
chance of success by showing support for instead of opposition to the
policies of funding agencies. The draft RCUK policy permits authors to use
research grants for open access publication charges, vital for publishers'
future income as subscription levels fall. All credit to OUP for
recognising that journal business models have to change, and if there is
to be a re-arrangement of funds to support journals in the future,
publishers have to get funding agencies on their side. By lobbying
governments to halt policies like RCUK's (still delayed by publisher
pressure), publishers are shooting themselves in the foot, as well as
harming the interests of those who need access to the journal articles.

Frederick J. Friend
JISC Consultant
OSI Open Access Advocate
Honorary Director Scholarly Communication UCL

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*** Apologies for cross posting ***

Oxford Open first quarter results released, and phase two titles announced

We are pleased to share with you the first results of our optional open
access experiment, Oxford Open. Please also find details of a further
nineteen journals to join Oxford Open from January 2005. Further
information regarding the Oxford Open project is now available online at

Should you require any further information, please don't hesitate to
contact me

Kind regards

Mithu Mukherjee
Communications Executive
Oxford Journals