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RE: Bergstrom & McAfee Open Letter to University PresidentsandProvosts

They just corrected it, after corresponding with me.  Although I'll have
to further correct the "profit" status (unless they are referring only to
our publisher).

Lisa Dittrich
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>>> david.prosser@bodley.ox.ac.uk 11/03/05 5:47 PM >>>

Perhaps I'm being dense, but I can only find Academic Medicine once:

Title: Academic Medicine 
Publisher: Lippincott-Williams-Wilkins (Springer-Kluwer) 
ISSN: 1040-2446 
Subject: Education, Medicine
Profit Status: profit
Year First Published: 1926
Price per article: 0.76
Price per citation: 0.29
Composite Price Index: 0.47
Relative Cost Index 0.15

And the title and ISSN is the same as on the journal's website.  Of
course, there is a 'report an error' so if your journal is really listed
twice then do let Bergstrom and McAfee know.

David C Prosser PhD
SPARC Europe
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Wow.  This letter is full of quite a bit of inaccurate information (e.g.,
we are a non-profit journal, that is NOT based in a university and that is
published by a for-profit publisher--how does that fit into the neat good
and evil equation?)--and, alas, so is their journal prices website, which
lists our journal as "for profit," lists the wrong publisher, and lists it
twice, with two different ISSNs and two different "composite price
indexes."  Luckily, I hardly think we are up there with the most expensive
journals, but I hope those who are deciding what journals to keep and what
journals to cut from their collections are listening to more informed

Lisa Dittrich
Managing Editor
Academic Medicine
Washington,D.C. 20037
lrdittrich@aamc.org (e-mail)
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