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Costs of running open source institutional repositories


Hi, listserv members.  I had asked a while back whether people would be
willing to share the costs of setting up and maintaining Open Source
repository software.  I received some feedback which I've input into a
small Excel spreadsheet, which you can find at
-costs.xls> Apologies for taking so long to put this together.

There was a range, from about $6,886.62 for a set-up cost, all the way to
over $1 million.  Apologies for my calculations of currency exchange, if
the rates of exchange are not correct.

I know that there are other institutions out there running Eprints
software; I was able to get more figures for DSpace, however.

I hope this is helpful to people.  If anyone has further information or
corrections to contribute, please let me know.

Thank you, 

Rebecca Kemp