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Impact of Open Access on one small society

My editorial in the October issue of the Journal of the Medical Library
Association describes the results of some investigation that I've done on
the impact that making the JMLA open access (on PubMed Central) has had on
MLA and on the journal itself.  While these results are by no means
definitive and may or may not have wide application, I think they may be
of some interest since hard facts in this area are still somewhat
difficult to come by.

The editorial is available on PubMed Central at:

Plutchak TS.  The impact of open access.  J Med Libr Assoc. 2005
October; 93(4): 419-421

(A somewhat different (i.e. more formal) presentation of the results can
be found in my paper "The impact of open access for the Journal of the
Medical Library Association" on the ICML9 website.  I can't link to it
directly, but if you follow this link, for the Open Access track
http://www.icml9.org/program/track5/?lang=en and scroll down to the
afternoon session, you should be able to find it).

T. Scott Plutchak
Director, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham