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SwetsWise version 4.0 launched successfully

The following message was released to the press this morning by Swets
Information Services. It may be of interest to some lib-license members. The
link takes you to a page that explains the new features of the platform in
further detail.


Damian Leslie
External Communications Executive
Swets Information Services 
The Netherlands
Email: dleslie@nl.swets.com 
www.swets.com <http://www.swets.com> 

Lisse, The Netherlands
November 1st, 2005

Swets enhances user-experience with the release of SwetsWise 4.0

Swets is delighted to announce the successful release of SwetsWise version
4.0. This release includes a new, modern look and feel to the SwetsWise
user interface that is completely customisable. It has been developed
around a dynamic design that implements a refined navigation menu and
enhances the user-friendliness of the platform. Whilst retaining many of
the visual motifs and designs that will be instantly recognisable to
current customers, the updates have streamlined and simplified the
interface in order to make navigation much easier for the customer.

This release also contains some important new functionalities, including
budget control reports and enhanced approval cycles. These options have
been developed in order to aid customers with the planning and day to day
management of their budget spending. These important new features help to
make the SwetsWise system more flexible and adaptable towards our
customers needs. Ultimately, the 4.0 release will provide a thorough and
satisfying user experience.

Arie Jongejan, CEO of Swets Information Services adds, "Swets is
constantly looking for ways in which we can help our customers to manage
and develop their information resources dynamically. We firmly believe in
the importance of creating products and service solutions that can adapt
to the varying needs of our customers. The features included within
SwetsWise 4.0 take us a step further in that direction."

To find out more about the SwetsWise 4.0 release, please take a quick
video tour of the interface's new look and feel and read more detailed
information on the separate options and possibilities that the platform
allows, by visiting the following link:  

About SwetsWise

SwetsWise is the web-based, modular service for the procurement, access
and management of subscriptions and online information. Containing the
most extensive collection of e-journals currently available, with over
18.5 million searchable references and links to full-text articles,
SwetsWise has become the electronic gateway of choice among libraries and
information centres around the world.
About Swets Information Services

Swets is the world's leading subscription services company, connecting the
supply and demand chain that exists between publishers and institutions,
libraries and information centres. The company provides services for
customers from academic, government, corporate and medical institutions.
Swets has been operating successfully for over 100 years. The company has
offices in over 20 countries, servicing clients and publishers from over
160 nations worldwide. Those offices manage more than 1.8 million
subscriptions, with half of those related to electronic subscriptions,
between some 65,000 publishers and over 60,000 clients, including one in
three Fortune 500 companies. Swets is the only subscription agent to be
ISO 9001:2000 certified on a global basis, which serves as a significant
endorsement of its ability to provide clients and publishers with the kind
of speedy, reliable and efficient service methods they expect to receive
from an intermediary.