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Re-launch of Journal of Electronic Publishing

Of possible interest to readers of this list.

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Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 17:55:41 -0400
From: Terri Geitgey <tgeitgey@umich.edu>

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The Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan University
Library is pleased to announce the return of The Journal of Electronic

Since its first issue in 1995, JEP (The Journal of Electronic Publishing)
has been a source of innovative ideas, of best practices, and leading-edge
thinking about all aspects of publishing, authorship, and readership in
the electronic environment. Returning after a three-year hiatus, JEP will
continue to document the changes in publishing with the growth of the
Internet, and to stimulate and shape the direction of those changes.

In 1995 JEP burst on the scene with a focus on experimentation, vision,
and prediction. Now, ten years later, electronic publishing practices have
stabilized for some formats and markets (e.g., scholarly journals have
shown significant convergence of distribution and pricing models), but
many unresolved issues remain for newspapers, trade books, magazines, and
newer forms of publishing like blogs and wikis. All aspects of electronic
publishing still face considerable change and sometimes upheaval, and a
great deal of the creative turmoil that JEP captured in the mid-nineties
still challenges publishers, authors, librarians, and readers. We still
struggle to understand author and reader preferences, and still search for
stable economic models that will allow publishing to flourish in an age of
electronic communication.

The University of Michigan University Library's Scholarly Publishing
Office will re-launch JEP in January, 2006, ensuring its future and
keeping it at its original home at the university. The journal fits the
SPO's commitment to library-based scholarly publishing and will offer a
fresh look at the state of electronic and print publishing worldwide. JEP
will continue to look back over the past 20 or 30 years to see how we've
come to this point in the history of publishing, and look forward to where
publishing may be heading. It will look inward at key players and
practices of publishing, and also look outward at fringe movements that
are challenging traditional publishing interests, and at readers worldwide
affected by the interplay of technological and economic forces that have
revolutionized social communication.

JEP's editor, Judith Axler Turner, will remain at the helm, with editorial
input and publishing support from Maria Bonn and Mark Sandler of the
Scholarly Publishing Office. A new editorial board will be constituted,
and JEP will solicit articles that present wide-ranging and diverse
viewpoints on contemporary publishing practices, and encourage dialogue
and understanding between key decision-makers in publishing and those who
are affected by the decisions being made.

The first new issue of JEP will focus on the changes in electronic
publishing in the past three years, looking at issues such as the rise of
open access publishing, the increasingly complicated intellectual property
landscape, the rise of new communication technologies, and the economics
of scholarly publishing.  JEP is actively seeking feedback on its new
direction and is also looking for high-quality submissions on these
topics.  If you would like to discuss JEP's future or discuss a possible
article, please contact the editorial team at jep-info@umich.edu.

Terri Geitgey 
Digital Projects Librarian 
Scholarly Publishing Office,
University of Michigan University Library 
(734) 615-9450 
Fax: (734) 763-6850