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FW: Two Inquiries to liblicense-l

In response to item (2), here is the excerpt from the most recent ALPSP
newsletter, 96 (author, Sally Morris, Secretary General, ALPSP):

"Journal article versions"

"I'm delighted to say that the ALPSP/NISO working group has now been set
up, under the able chairmanship of Cliff Morgan (Wiley).  The first step
will be for a subgroup to draft some 'use cases' - that is to say,
fleshed-out scenarios of what happens (a) if you do not have any reliable
way of distinguishing different 'life-cycle' versions of an article on the
web, and (b) if you do have such a system.  Once these are agreed, they
will form the basis for developing good practice guidelines for
identifying different versions at various levels - both what might be
written on the article itself (e.g. version numbering) and
the metadata that might accompany it.  Then we can consider whether the
development of formal metadata standards would be appropriate.  We have
a good number of volunteers to join this group, with an excellent
balance from libraries, repositories, standards bodies and publishers
but would be happy to welcome more if you have a particular interest in
this area - just let me know!"

Bev Acreman
Taylor & Francis