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International Journal of Law in Context

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International Journal of Law in Context
Free sample issue now available on Cambridge Journals Online

Building on the successful book series Law in Context, Cambridge
University Press announces the publication of an exciting new journal,
International Journal of Law in Context (print ISSN 1744-5523, E-ISSN

International Journal of Law in Context is a forum for interdisciplinary
legal studies and offers intellectual space for ground-breaking research.

It publishes contextual work about law and its relationship with other
disciplines, including but not limited to science, literature, humanities,
philosophy, sociology, psychology, ethics, history, and geography.

The aim of the journal is to explore and expand the boundaries of law and
legal studies.  To that end, it includes original research articles,
review articles, and book reviews.

Articles in the introductory issue include

Have concepts, will travel: analytical jurisprudence in a global context,
by William Twining

Friends in high places: Amity and agreement in Alsatia, by Peter Goodrich

What Makes Modernity Late?, by Steven L. Winter

Fathering practices in twenty-six intact families and the implications for 
child contact, by Jane Lewis and Elaine Welsh

For more information, and to view a free sample issue, please see

Thank you.

Susan Soule
Journals Marketing Manager
Cambridge University Press, Americas