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RE: Dutch academics declare research free-for-all

Dear Bernie,

This is a reference to DAREnet, a federated IR search service for the
Dutch university and research� repositories. Alas, it is not quite as
wonderful as it seems.

At the main English-language web page for the site itself,
http://www.darenet.nl/page/language.view/dare.darenet it explains:�

"DAREnet harvests all digitable available material from the local
repositories,,, But it limits the harvest to those objects that are full
content available to everyone. Tollgated objects (e.g., publications of
publishers who only allow accessive through expensive licenses) can only
be found in the local repository" [to the extent that it may be available

The day of full access to all the research from Holland, as for other
countries, is not yet arrived.�

Dr. David Goodman
Associate Professor
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
Long Island University

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"Scientists from all major Dutch universities officially launched a
website on Tuesday where all their research material can be accessed for

The article in the Register:


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