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PVLR Forum at ALA: Publishers and Librarians Respond to the DLF/ERMI Report

Plan to attend the PVLR* Open Forum in Chicago! 
Publishers and Librarians Respond to the DLF Report on Electronic
Resource Management
Monday Morning, June 27, 2005
9:30 - 11:00 AM
Sheraton Ballroom III
Forum Description: 

The process of managing electronic content has gotten far more complex
than it needs to be.  There are many parties involved in producing,
evaluating, acquiring, delivering and using e-content.  This complexity is
extraordinarily well deliniated in ERMI report and appendices.
What are the sources of this complexity?  How much of it is really
necessary?  At what points in the e-content supply chain could complexity
be reduced?  How can the process be streamlined and who can we turn to, to
bring about such streamlining?  What are the challenges?
PVLR seeks to bring the major players to the table, to provide an
opportunity to analyze the business relationships that produce the
complexity and hopefully offer suggestions for reducing the complexity.

1. David Goldsmith, Head of Acquisitions and Director of Licensing, NCSU
2. Alan Schroeder, Business and Law Librarian, Cal State/Northridge
3. Rachel Lee, Library Marketing, University of California Press
4. John Shaw, Publishing Technologies Manager, Journals Production, Sage
Moderator: Friedemann Weigel, Managing Partner and Information Systems
Although there are several ALA sessions on managing eJournals, this may be
the only one that includes the publisher perspective specifically. We are
also pleased to announce that Tim Jewell (co-author of the ERMI Report)
will be in attendance, to answer questions if they arise.
*Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations is an ALCTS Interest Group
Ruth Fischer
Chair, PVLR
Partner, R2 Consulting