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Visit to NASIG

Hello Everyone

I shall be attending the NASIG conference in Minneapolis staring next
Thursday. I know some people will have met me before or know me through
this listserv. I was last at NASIG in 1999 but have lost touch a bit since
then.  I would be delighted to meet old acquaintances and new ones too, so
please look out for me. I am taking the liberty of using Liblicense for my
request as I am not on any other US listservs!

I have arranged this very last minute as I suddenly had an opportunity to
attend. Look forward to meeting you.

Best Wishes

Ros Doig
Serials & Inter-lending Librarian
University of Derby
Learning Centre
Kedleston Road
DE22 1GB

Tel. +44 1332 591204 
Fax. +44 1332 622773
Email.  m.r.doig@derby.ac.uk