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RE: Fwd: US University OA Resolutions Omit Most ImportantComponent

I'm not sure about this particular example, The ability to do research in
these fields is dependent on being able to align one's sequences with
those of other groups, The pressure for required deposit came not from the
government, not from the editors, but from the scientists themselves, who
quite correctly saw that making it a requirement was the best way to
prevent occassional abberant behavior which would harm the whole

It is not irrelevant that the first OA Journal from one of the major
publishers was in exactly this subject area.

Dr. David Goodman
Associate Professor
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
Long Island University

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In return for providing research grants we force researchers to deposit
gene sequences, protein sequences, etc.  It is not to the benefit of the
individual researcher to deposit, they don't volunteer, but we recognise
the value of it being done and so insist on it. In doing so we create
databases that are of benefit to all researchers.
insist on it.

David C Prosser PhD
SPARC Europe
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