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PNAS Open Access policy and article usage statistics

I am posting the following on behalf of the PNAS publisher, Ken Fulton:

Since January 2005, PNAS Institutional Site Licenses, which did not
increase in cost, have automatically included an Institutional Open Access
Membership at no extra charge.  Corresponding authors from institutions
with 2005 Site Licenses/Open Access Memberships can pay only $750, a 25%
discount from our Open Access fee, to make their papers immediately free
online. All papers are free online after 6 months.

PNAS Open Access articles receive 50% more full-text accesses and PDF
downloads than subscription-access articles in the first month after
publication and maintain higher usage in subsequent months. We invite you
to browse PNAS content online at www.pnas.org. Open Access content is
highlighted in blue on the table of contents.

Please help us inform authors at your institution about the PNAS Open
Access option and the Site License/Open Access Membership discount. We
hope that you will help us to promote the PNAS Open Access option and help
us to provide immediate and barrier-free distribution of research results.


Kenneth R. Fulton, PNAS Publisher

P.S.  For libraries that do not yet have a PNAS Site License, our Site
License rates are at www.pnas.org/subscriptions. PNAS operates as a
nonprofit, nongovernmental, break-even journal, and Site
Licenses/Subscriptions and author fees (such as page and color charges)
must cover PNAS operating costs each year.