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Administrivia: unsubbing and infested archives

Dear liblicense-l readers:  A couple of administrative points, FYI.

1.  Subbing and unsubbing.  From time to time, readers ask how to
unsubscribe from the list (or how to subscribe from a new address or how
to tell a colleague to sbuscribe).  Also, a not infrequent problem happens
when the e-mail address a reader uses is changed by his or her institution
and a re-direct is put into place. When that happens, the reader cannot
use the (arcane and finnicky) listproc commands, because they require
messages to come from the subscriber and the software doesn't recognize a
variant form of address as a correct one -- and thus you get an annoying
"rejected" or "you cannot send messages because you aren't subscribed"

So we have a simple Web form that you can use to help you in all the above 
situations; here it is:

	In order to subscribe or UNsubscribe correctly, go to the 
	LIBLICENSE web site:


	Look for the bar along the top for the liblicense list and click 
	on it.  There you will find a quick -- and correct! -- way to 
	subscribe or UNsubscribe.

2.  The archives.  The same Web site contains fully searchable archives.  
Several of you have rightly commented that the liblicense-l archives have
a lot of junk or ickky mail in them. This is absolutely true -- we've
cleaned the problem out thru last April (2004) and I now have a student
who will clean things up thru May (2005).  This will take a little time
but it is happening.

Why does this occur?  Somehow the "bad folks" have repeatedly found a way
to bypass the moderator's queue and place messages directly into the
archive.  We've changed the list's password a few times to stop this but
in about 3 weeks the problem resumes.  The only solution will be this
summer to migrate the list entirely to a new, plague-free software. This
is on scope, but liblicense-l is a very large list and we need to devote a
little time to this project -- which will be later this summer.

Meanwhile, if you want to do a search, the messages you want are there...  
Whether you choose the date or threaded index, you will then have to do a
control/f ("find") for your keyword or name and the messages you want will
turn up that way.  We truly apologize for this nastiness and the
inconvenience to you all.

Thank you for your patience during this period. Ann Okerson/Moderator