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Re: Berkeley faculty statement on scholarly publishing

When I tried to access the URL given here I was told it was forbidden.
Could we have some open access to this statement?

I am also puzzled by the statement by Professor Agogino about lower costs
to the university. Has Berkeley done a study that has come to a different
result from the Cornell and other studies (showing higher costs to the
university under an OA regime) or has Professor Agogino been badly
"educated" by her library?

Anthony Watkinson

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> ** apologies for cross posting **
> Berkeley, California, May 4, 2005 - The Berkeley Division of the Academic
> Senate endorsed a statement of principles designed to open research
> findings to a broader public. Acknowledging the need to reshape and regain
> control of scholarly publishing, the faculty acted after determining that
> the subscription price of a single journal may be higher that the price of
> an automobile and that researchers here and globally are being priced out
> of the discoveries in many fields.
> In the statement (http://academic-senate.berkeley.edu/news/), Berkeley
> faculty resolve to retain control of their scholarly output by retaining
> intellectual property rights and submitting their work with publishers
> who maintain reasonable business practices. The Academic Senate
> statement not only encourages Berkeley scholars to publish or serve as
> editors in alternative outlets but pledges to provide tools and
> incentives for them to change their behavior.
> At a March 31 faculty conference on scholarly publishing sponsored by
> the Berkeley Academic Senate and the Office of the Chancellor
> <http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/scholarlypublishing/>, Alice Agogino,
> Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Vice Chair of the Berkeley
> Division of the Academic Senate, called on her colleagues to take
> immediate action.  "[We must] support new forms of scholarly
> communication, working with faculty and making strategic investments in
> approaches that are sustainable and reduce costs to the university in
> the long run."
> Reporting on the conference at the April 25 divisional meeting of the
> Academic Senate, Nicholas Jewell, a professor of Biostatistics, stated,
> "Berkeley must be in the forefront in leading a revolution in scholarly
> publishing."
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