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Re: US University OA Resolutions Omit Most Important Component

  David Stern writes

> The present loose federation of existing D-Space (and other) and possible
> FEDORA-based institutional repository (IR) platforms does not yet offer
> the scalable design that we require in order to develop integrated tools
> with universal storage. Perhaps we need to devlop a blend of IRs and
> discipline-based repositories (a la arXiv) in order to provide platforms
> and navigation for all users -- not just those in organizations able to
> run their own IRs?

  The RePEc digital library for economics is a model in that direction.
  It is  based on over 450 different archives based at economics
  departments in universities and some government institutions
  such as central banks. Around 10 differnent user services 
  collaborate to manage the data and make it available to 
  end users. See http://repec.org. 

  Disclosure: I am the founder of RePEc. 


  Thomas Krichel                      mailto:krichel@openlib.org