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Re: Open Access and For-Pay Access (to the same IR materials)

Open Access means sloppy publications?

"The impact factors of nearly 200 open-access journals are similar to
those of traditional journals in the same fields, according to a recent
Thomson ISI report. The 58 open-access medical journals that receive
impact factors fell, on average, at the 40th percentile of all medical
journals, with all but 11 ranking higher than the 10th percentile. For
life sciences journals, the 37 open-access journals were ranked, on
average, at the 39th percentile."


Open Access is treasonous?
Does the Attorney General know this?

Mark Funk
Head, Collection Development
Weill Cornell Medical Library
1300 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021

At 12:01 AM -0400 4/29/05, Joe Esposito wrote:
But if we weren't willing to tolerate sloppiness, we never would have clamored for Open Access, which is the seditious element.