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RE: ASPET Makes Accepted Manuscripts Freely Accessible

And what about the fast forward articles that have been published in the
past issues of these journals, will they be also freely accessible ? I
tried a few tests but was unable to get the full text.

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> Subject: ASPET Makes Accepted Manuscripts Freely Accessible
> Effective April 28, 2005, manuscripts accepted for publication in the
> primary-research journals of The American Society for Pharmacology and
> Experimental Therapeutics will be freely accessible to all.  The Journal
> of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Molecular Pharmacology,
> and Drug Metabolism and Disposition publish manuscripts online upon
> acceptance as "Fast Forward" articles:
> http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/
> http://molpharm.aspetjournals.org/
> http://dmd.aspetjournals.org/
> For all current and future "Fast Forward" articles, the final manuscript
> version will remain freely accessible after the fully formatted and
> copyedited version is put online.  ASPET will continue to make all of
> its journals' content freely available 12 months after publication.
> ASPET's Board of Publications Trustees has also modified each of the
> journal's Authorship Responsibility, Financial Disclosure, and Copyright
> Transfer form to let NIH-funded authors deposit their accepted
> manuscripts with PubMed Central and to make them freely accessible there
> after 12 months.  ASPET asks NIH-funded authors to abide by this embargo
> period for the PubMed Central site because the articles will be freely
> accessible immediately via the journals.  All "Fast Forward" articles
> are indexed in PubMed and other indexing services, so they are easily
> found.
> The changes implemented by ASPET meet the NIH's goals of providing
> greater public access to research and of allowing the NIH to better
> track the results of its funding.  At the same time, the changes will
> contribute to the continued viability of ASPET and its journals while
> providing free access to all research articles published in ASPET's
> journals.
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