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RE: creative commons licencing

Richar Poynder wrote:

<<This would seem to imply that authors could self-archive their papers
under Creative Commons by means of the SPARC Addendum, while still using
the publisher's copyright form.
But perhaps Michael Carroll could clarify? >>

Richard's got it right.  To be clear, "using the publisher's copyright
form" with either Addendum means that the terms of the copyright
transfer/license are those in the publisher's form unless those terms
conflict with the terms in the Addendum, in which case the Addendum
governs.  Either Addendum provides that the author retains sufficient
rights to grant a Creative Commons non-commercial/attribution license.  
If the publisher's form does not grant the author at least those rights,
the Addendum serves to substitute its terms for the publisher's with
respect to the copyright grant.

Peter Banks said:

> I am not familiar enough with the varieties of the CC licenses to say
> which would be accepted and which not.
> However, the question is somewhat beside the point for us, because
> authors are required to sign our own copyright assignment forms; we do
> not accept other copyright forms.

Michael W. Carroll
Associate Professor of Law
Villanova University School of Law