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Reminder: April 6th Open Access web cast

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The University of Maryland (UMB) Health Sciences and Human Services
Library (HS/HSL) and the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Libraries are
co-hosting a web cast to inform faculty, staff and students on
publishing trends and explain new models likely to affect their
professional communication and research.
" Ownership and Access in Scholarly Publishing"
Wednesday, April 6, 2005, 1:00 to 5:00 pm
UMB School of Nursing Auditorium
655 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Remote locations include:
*	JHU School of Medicine Mountcastle Auditorium
*	JHU Homewood Campus:  Bloomberg Auditorium
*	JHU Homewood Campus:  SDS Room in Mattin Center
*	Your own desktop
Topics of discussion include:
Emerging Issues in Scientific Publishing
Keynote Speaker:  David Lipman, M.D., Director, National Center for
Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health
Kenneth R. Fulton, Publisher, Proceedings of the National Academy of
John Wilbanks, Executive Director, Science Commons
Valuing New Models of Scholarship in Promotion and Tenure

Keynote Speaker:  Chi V. Dang, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine,
Oncology, Pathology and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine

Sharon, Krag, Ph.D., Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
Associate Dean, Graduate Education and Research, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health
Marian Jackson, Ph.D., Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, UMBI,
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute

Complete information, including web cast instructions and a conference
program, are available at <http://www.openaccess.umaryland.edu> or email
This web cast is funded by the National Library of Medicine under a
contract (#NO1-LM-1-3522) with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.